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We were looking for a 2nd hand Rotary Hoe but could not find anything in a reasonable condition for the money we were looking to spend. Finally we consulted our local dealer, Agricultural Requirements, and they suggested the COSMO BULLY. We were very surprised to find that we could buy a new Rotary Hoe with a 12 month warranty for much the same price as the 2nd hand implements we had seen. The COSMO BULLY looks great, performs well and has been a great investment.

Gary Clarke - Recreational Farmer, Regency Downs

I was looking for a Rotary Hoe for our 200 acre farm. We wanted a machine to break up the compact virgin ground and turn the farm into a market garden growing corn, sunflowers, watermelon, pumpkin, squash, cucumber, etc. I looked at three other brands of Rotary Hoe but I was drawn to the build quality and the price of the COSMO BULLY. So far we have turned over more than 12 acres of virgin ground and it has handled all the soil types we have come across, including the heavier clay in our area. Our COSMO BULLY Rotary Hoe is playing an important role as we cultivate the farm and I would have no hesitation in recommending to another farmer.

Edward Tobiasz - Whisky Grass Mountain Farm, Elands

Why Buy a Cosmo Bully Implement?

The features and quality you would expect at a price you would be happy to pay.

COSMO BULLY has one aim… to make top quality agricultural implements affordable. They have not reduced features or option. Instead a compact range of models and sizes are produced in high volume in a state of the art facility.

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    Uncompromised Quality

    The money you save when you buy a COSMO BULLY is not because of compromised quality, but because of savings through mass producing a concentrated range of equipment for a global market.

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    Fully Featured

    Because our range is so concentrated, you will find you can afford the features you want (e.g. Hydraulic Shift), that may not be affordable on other brands.

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    A Price You Can Afford

    We don't build cheapened or feature limited versions to meet a price point. Instead we mass produce a more conentrated range of equipment, which can often mean you end up with features you wouldn't expect on the model that meets your budget.

As a 5 Star Kubota dealer with over 20 years experience our customers rely on us supplying them high quality reliable machinery. Over the years we have sold a lot of different brands and have always associated the COSMO brand with quality. When we initially received pricing on the COSMO BULLY range, we did have our doubts. However the appearance, quality and reliability has been a pleasant surprise. The majority of customers are researching online but when they see the quality and hear the price, the product basically sells itself. We are proud to recommended, stock and sell COSMO BULLY implements.

Bruce Schnitzler - Yarra Glen Mower & Tractor Centre


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